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Way back in the 14th century, the Mongols invaded India - the land of milk, honey and other rich treasures. In return, they left behind a trail of destruction as well as the Kebab. The Kebab was then, just meat sprinkled with salt, barbequed and gobbled. Soon it caught the fancy of Indian chefs and they perfected it to a sublime art. The kind which you can savor at Indian Kebab Palace. Roasted on the tandoor or clay oven, shallow-fried in a tava, even deep-fried in a kadhai. Making them the most succulent and delicious Kebabs one will ever sink one's teeth into. All guaranteed to give total gastronomic satisfaction!
We hope you enjoy our story and now let us serenade your palate and taste buds with spices and flavors that will have you coming back for more At Indian Kebab Palace our philosophy is simple, great food, great atmosphere and great service. Our goal is to convey our enthusiasm for northern Indian cuisine in a way which gives you a perspective of our hunt for perfect ingredients, techniques and deep rooted desire to bring the unique flavors from India. Our well know chef’s Goldy Bedi and Sonu Mehra have been recognized through different part of the world: India, England, Bermuda New York and finally their journey ended here in Fresno where these world class chefs decided to open their spice cabinets and enchant all of us with mouthwatering flavors of Indian food. Today, our chef’s at IKP has perfected the art of this cuisine, evident in its star dishes such as the Cornish game hen, Masaledar lamb chops, Tandoori Paneer, Butter chicken and the various other dishes that are offered from our menu.
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